Sunday, July 6, 2014

Migration Begins at Ft DeSoto - April 12, 2014

I was so excited to get to Ft DeSoto this morning because the spring migration is here!  I have wanted to go to this for two years now (since I got more serious about birding) but have never been able to make it.  I even passed by a group of three playing otters in a retention pond without stopping to take a picture, because I only would have about an hour to find the birds.  I found four "life birds": scarlet tanager, indigo bunting, rise breasted grosbeak, and cedar waxwing.  However, it seemed like more because I had never seen the males (which are the pretty ones) of the following: blue grosbeak, baltimore oriole, orchard oriole, and summer tanager.  The first bird I found was this ruby-throated hummingbird, but only photographed for a little while since I was shot on time.

 Next was a small group of cedar waxwings:
Male Blue Grosbeak (also at first stop, Mulberry Tree)
Indigo Bunting (eating the berries on the tree)
Summer Tanager (above) and  Scarlet Tanager (below, found at North Beach oaks) 
  Here is a collage of the species I found in one hour this morning: 

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