Sunday, July 27, 2014

Skimmers at Suncoast Seabird Sanctuary - July 26, 2014

Haven't been here for a month, and there are so many babies now!  Still a few small ones, but probably hundreds of skimmers down at the water level.  It was so hot today, many of them were hiding under the benches or each other!

Night Herons at Suncoast Seabird - July 26, 2014

There seem to be more and more black crowned night heron nests her every year.  Mostly grown babies, but still a few youngsters.

Carillon Park - July 26, 2014

Stopped here this morning and wanted to see which grown babies were still around.  Actually found some new babies too (gallinules).  It seems like most birds were much later nesting than usual.  The night heron was still sitting on the small nest, but it seems there is still no activity.  I think maybe he just likes hanging out there.  Also saw some young green herons, grackles, and red winged blackbird.

Fireworks at Temple Terrace - July 4, 2014

Was glad to see a second fireworks show today.  I am already planning on seeing even more shows next year!  This one was almost rained out, but went ahead about 40minutes late.  Did not get as good of pictures due to distance and moisture, but was a nice show.

Tampa History Museum - July 4th, 2014

Was trying to find something to photograph today actually related to the holiday.  This place ended up being a really nice solution.  I loved seeing the people dressed up in war uniforms and talking about all of the stuff in their own collections they brought to the display.  It was amazing that the people let you touch all of the items too.  What a great way to spend the afternoon.

Lettuce Lake Park - July 4, 2014

First part of my holiday was lovely.  Got to watch a barred owl for a long time, saw two baby great crested flycatchers, and photographed a very friendly dragonfly.  Only problem is, my lens is out for repair, so my photos weren't as clear or  close as I'm used to.