Friday, July 18, 2014

Fort DeSoto - May 15, 2014

Now that Spring migration is over, and all the birds are up north, there was not as much to see here today.  However, one can never be too disappointed at Ft DeSoto!  Not pictured are female american redstart and female blackpoll warbler.  Also pictured first, is a young pelican with about 5 colorful fishing hooks and line stuck to his wings.  Do not cut the line people.  This will be a serious problem if not removed.

 Found my favorite baby raccoon in his favorite spot at North Beach.  Have posted about him many times this year.

juvenile brown pelican and snowy egret
 female red-breasted merganser at fishing pier beach - was not camera shy
 laughing gull (above) black-bellied plover in breeding plumage (below) 

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