Thursday, April 24, 2014

Hammock Park, Dunedin - October 26, 2013

This park is just down the street from Simmons' studio.  I had never been here before and it had an interesting mix of trees but not too many birds this time of year.  Guess I am in a black and white mood today!

Simmons' Studio, Dundein- October 26, 2013

It was great to meet my favorite painter today and see his studio.  If you have never seen his beautiful florida bird images, go to  He had two really pretty canoes hanging from the ceiling, but my favorite was getting a glimpse into how he does his paintings.  Hey I use paper plates to mix paint too!  Here are some interesting pics:

Corn Maze at Sweetfield Farm - October 26, 2013

Last spring I went with my photography students to this farm for the sunflower maze.  It turns out they also have a corn maze and pumpkin patch for fall.  I was so much busier here this time!

James Gray Preserve - October 20, 2013

So this morning I learned that bumble bees apparently sleep motionless on the flower they would like to use in the morning.  I thought this bee was dead for a couple hours when I was walking by it, but then it woke up!  Also saw a few birds but no chuck-wills-widow, as reported recently.

red-shouldered hawk
 palm warbler
pileated woodpecker
brown thrasher

Hillsborough River Park - October 19, 2013

Found out at the gate that this back trail at Hillsborough River was the best for birds.  Usually I go to the river part, but this was the opposite side of the park.  Immediately heard, and then found, a house wren.  I don't remember ever seeing one out in the open before, although I have caught some glimpses at circle B after hearing the interesting call.  I spent a long time photographing this one and then found many more interesting subjects.  Also found a red-headed woodpecker, which I have only ever seen at the parking lot at my work in and Powerline Rd. in Dade City, never at a park.

house wren 
 viceroy butterfly
 dina yellow butterfly?
 skipper butterfly
tiger moth caterpillar

 palm warbler
 juvenile phoebe 
 pine warbler
 eastern bluebird
red-headed woodpecker

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Ft DeSoto - October 19, 2013

Went on the Arrowhead trail today.  I don't go on it too much, but found some interesting animals there amongst all the poison ivy.  My favorite was watching the raccoon wash his hands and get some water.

 ...last three were taken at the beach not on Arrowhead Trail

John Chestnut - October 17, 2013

Found some more deer to follow this morning and actually saw a baby feeding from its mother!

cardinal with grub
bald eagle
red-shouldered hawk

pine warbler
carolina wren