Friday, April 17, 2015

Medieval Times Village- January 31, 2015

Found this place behind Medieval Times.  People who worked there told us about all the antique items and got to walk around many different rooms.

Medieval Times Show - January 31, 2015

I only brought my point and shoot this visit, but still got a lot of cool shots.  Last year I did the close ups, but couldn't pay as much attention to the show and meal. (Click to link to 2014 photos)


Birds at Lettuce Lake - January 31, 2015

Found a few interesting critters today!

 Palm Warbler
 Cooter Turtle
Eastern Phoebe
Tufted Titmouse
 Yellow-rumped Warbler
 Black and White Warbler

Lettuce Lake - January 30, 2015

Got a few landscape shots to share today.  Will do a second post with the animals.

Campus Tree - January 29, 2015

Snapped a nice photo at work today of the lake and oak tree I get to see every day!

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Eagles at Circle B - January 19, 2015

The eagles are definitely nesting again.  Nice to get to see them up close, but trying not to get too close at the same time.


Circle B Bar Reserve - January 19, 2015

Out to Circle B today and always a lot here.  I loved the baby raccoons and the baby great blue herons.  Feels almost like springtime!

Dali Museum - January 18, 2015

First time going to the updated museum.  Glad I brought my camera to get some of the architecture.  Also got to see the Picasso/Dali exhibit.  Did you know Picasso loved animals and even lived with a goat in his house?  He apparently treated it like another child. Learned that today.