Sunday, December 13, 2020

Merritt Island NWR - November 19, 2017

 Returned to Merritt Island today to visit Pumphouse Road, Haulover Canal, and Biolab Road.

Shiloh Marsh, Merritt Island NWR - November 18, 2017

 I had heard about this drive, but never been on it before.  There were some very pretty spoonbills, ibis, and maybe my favorite photos of a kingfisher.

Merritt Island NWR - November 18, 2017

Along a stop on Blackpoint Drive.  32 bird species along the drive including wigeon, shoveler, and blue-winged teal duck species.

Canaveral National Seashore - November 18, 2017

Found the rare clay-colored sparrow I came here looking for!  Also pictured are the endangered scrub jay and a common yellowthroat.

TECO Manatees, Apollo Beach - November 13, 2017

Found some manatees even though it is not too cold yet.  The main attraction was a new tower with nice views!

Cockroach Bay Preserve State Park - November 13, 2017

 So many swallows near the preserve and a harrier flying over.

Views from Cockroach Bay - November 13, 2017

Some nice views from the top.  It is so neat to see both St. Petersburg and Tampa from one spot.  Seems like this place would be more popular!

Ducks at Dunn Water Treatment Facility - November 12, 2017

 All of the ducks are far away but with a scope could identify northern shoveler, redhead, ring-necked duck, lesser scaup, bufflehead, and hooded merganser.

Caladesi Island - November 12, 2017

Didn't find the Eared Grebe that was reported here, but it was a nice boat ride and views on the island.  Also more oyster catchers then I can remember seeing at once (28).

St. Marks NWR - November 10, 2017

54 bird species total today!  Such a great place for wildlife!  Pictured below are cypress trees, monarch and viceroy, harrier, kingfisher, and bald eagle.