Friday, July 18, 2014

Circle B Bar Reserve - May 22, 2014

So many things to see here today, as usual.  I will start off with the birds.  The best find was toward the end of the day, a hairy woodpecker.  This was a life bird for me and I wasn't even sure when I saw it in the field that it wasn't a downey.  However, the long bill and all white feathers under the tail confirmed it.  I will be looking for this bird again in the future!

hairy woodpecker (above) and glossy ibis (below)
 This baby red-shouldered hawk (above)was still near his nesting site and kept vocalizing.  The light-morph short tailed hawk (below) is a pretty rare find.
white pelican (above) and limpkin (below)
yellow-crowned night heron
 double-crested cormorants (above) and black vulture (below)
green heron adult (above and below) and juvenile (below right)

great crested flycatcher (above left), yellow crowned night heron juvenile (above right)

cardinal, great blue heron (above) and red-bellied woodpecker, tricolored heron (below)

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