Thursday, October 22, 2015

Crews Lake Wilderness Park - April 26, 2015

Many beautiful insects, flowers, and some birds too!  Got a few close ups of my favorite dragonfly, the Halloween Pennant

Serranova Park - April 26, 2015

Happy to find a migrant at this park, the American Redstart.  There were also a few other surprises including snakes, baby broad-headed skinks, and frogs.

Great White Heron, Pasco - April 26, 2015

Went to go look for the fabled great white heron today and he was right where the birders said he would be near US52 in Pasco County.  I am not sure why he is here; maybe someone released him after rehab, maybe he is injured and unable to fly home, or maybe he is just odd and like it here instead of with others of his kind in the keys.

Saturday, October 17, 2015

Reddish Egrets at Fort DeSoto - April 25, 2015

Last year I noticed that the white morph reddish egret was interested in the regular (dark morph) reddish egret.  This is the only place I have ever seen a white morph aside from Suncoast Seabird Sanctuary.  Last year I sort of guessed correctly the white one was the female, but this year I learned even more about the couple. 

The male put on quite a show bringing sticks to show the white female.  She ignored him a lot, but when he decided he has collected a good stick, he flew off with it back into the mangroves, presumably to add to a nest. 

The female also put on a show herself while she was searching for fish:

There was also a juvenile reddish egret, and a second adult further down the beach with the mix of other shore birds.  What a great day for reddish egrets!


Fort De Soto - April 25, 2015

Migration continues at Fort Desoto.  The best bird of the day was a black-whiskered vireo!  Look closely for the "whiskers" because otherwise it just looks like the much more common red-eyed vireo.

There were also a variety of other birds in the mulberry trees area and East Beach paths...I didn't get any great shots, but here is what else I saw:

The beaches were busy too and found many birds there:

Finally, the great-horned owl family was still there at the end of the East Beach trail:

Spoonbill at Carillon Park - April 25, 2015

Best surprise of the day was this banded spoonbill.  He did not seem to mind being near and taking photos.

Carillon Park, St. Petersburg - April 25, 2015

Many surprises today; here are a few to share:

 Eurasian Collared Dove (exotic)
 Blue Dasher Dragonfly
 Blooming Magnolia
Male (back) and Female (front) Mottled Ducks
 Least Tern (one of a group of three)
Ribbon Snake
Common Grackle