Friday, July 18, 2014

Largo Nature Preserve - May 18, 2014

Finally made it down US19 to Largo to look for even more baby ducks.  I did find one, but certainly not as many as expected.    However, there were quite a variety of other birds, some putting on a show.  The first images are fighting gallinules (or common moorhen).  I have only seen this one other time, about 7 years ago at Carillon park, again with three birds in the fight.  At first it was just two, but the splashing seemed to attract the attention of a third from far away who wanted in on the action.

 boat tailed grackle (above) juvenile little blue heron (below)
spoonbill, great blue heron, and tricolored heron 
 female mallard (I think) with baby
Nandy parakeets

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