Saturday, May 18, 2013

Morning Sky at Weeki Wachee Preserve - March 10, 2013

Went out to find some wildlife, but the sky and open landscape ended up being the feature on this day.  I liked that just as well.  All of these were taken with my G.E. point and shoot and edited with Topaz Adjust.

Bluebirds and Woodstorks - Spring Hill, FL - February 23, 2013

Got to do some birdwatching at my own house this weekend.  There were bluebirds in the front yard yesterday including a juvenile.  I don't think I have ever seen a woodstork hanging out in a pine tree or an oak tree and saw one do both today.  Also saw a kingfisher in my yard that I had been hearing fly by recently, but did not get a shot of him as he only landed for a second.

Green Anole at Nature Coast Botanical Gardens - February 9, 2013

Animals that can camouflage themselves are fascinating.  I watched this anole change from brown to green in just a few seconds as he was deciding to jump from the brown tree to a green leaf.  Sorry for the poor quality of the photos, but still wanted to share!

Captiva Island Beach - January 21, 2013

Finally drove to the end of Captiva (just to see what was there...) Not too much in the way of wildlife, but it looked like a nice beach if you like that type of thing!  Make sure to leave plenty of time for the line of traffic driving back out.

Ding Darling National Wildlife Refuge - January 21, 2013

After Ft De Soto, headed down to Sanibel Island and to Ding Darling National Wildlife Refuge.  I had not been there in many years and I had forgotten how short the drive around the park is!  Still found some interesting wildlife including these large mangrove tree crabs.  I had seen some small ones before at Weedon Island, but never this size.  Always something new!

Friday, May 17, 2013

Fort De Soto - January 21, 2013

Made a stop here at Ft De Soto before heading down to Ding Darling Wildlife Refuge.  It was hard to leave!           I wanted to see the mother Great-Horned owl on her nest, and I actually caught a baby in my photo I didn't even realize was there!  I also especially enjoyed closely following the Long-Billed Curlew.  There were also several dolphins swimming up and down the beach.