Friday, July 29, 2016

Owls at Fort DeSoto - April 7, 2016

The babies were out of the nest today and the mother owl was not far away.  At one point it looked like she was coming over to feed them, but instead gave a quick hello and was off again.

Migrants at Fort DeSoto - April 7, 2016

Another good day at the park with several migrants, the best being a yellow-billed cuckoo.  I have only seen those once before at lettuce lake park in 2015.  I followed this one for a while as he took off from tree to tree.

Migration Begins at Fort DeSoto - April 3, 2016

Off to a good start with many colorful migrants at the park today.  My favorite was the scarlet tanager.  Here is the same week in 2015 and 2014 at the park to compare.

Also nice to see the owls nested at the same places at the park again.  I had been going to see the owls at north beach for years, but this year they decided to clear out all the invasive australian pines, which is where they had been nesting.  Instead, they found an oak tree at the gulf pier area to use this time.  A second nest was still along the East Beach trail.

Sunday, July 24, 2016

Brookside Gardens - March 23, 2016

Visiting my favorite garden one more time was a good way to end the trip.  Everything was more in bloom than just a few days ago, and the weather is nicer of course.  Today is the first day of the cherry blossom festival in DC.  I was able to see some of it from a distance on the George Washington Parkway on the way to the airport.  I will be back in a couple of weeks for a wedding, but the festival will be over by then!

My favorite part of the garden was hanging out with this Canada Goose.  People in this area do not see them as amazing since they are everywhere, but they are still special for me.

Bird Feeder, Maryland - March 23, 2016

Last few shots at the birds feeder for the trip.  I finally got the brown-headed cowbirds to pose, as well as the black squirrel I'd been hearing so much about.

Orchids at Brookside Gardens - March 21, 2016

Today it was so cold and it snowed a little again, so it was better to check out the inside sections of the garden.  The greenhouses were so warm and they were also having an orchid festival in the visitor's center.  Outside found a few geese and a black squirrel.

Snow! Maryland - March 20, 2016

Being a Florida native, this was my first time ever seeing snow fall (except for a few flurries in Florida in 1989).  I had to pull over the car and get a few shots (even if it wasn't the best of backgrounds!) It didn't last long, but was amazing with huge white flakes.  It felt like being in a movie.  What a change from the Florida heat yesterday where it was 80 degrees.

Bird Feeder, Maryland - March 19, 2016

Got to stay with friends at a beautiful house in Maryland for the weekend.  I loved watching the birds at the bird feeder this morning!  I was glad to get a few shots of the dark-eyed junco as this is only the third time seeing one (the second was a week ago in South Carolina). There were also several flowering trees beginning to bloom in the garden.

Lettuce Lake - March 14, 2016

Strange to be back at home after a week's vacation.  Got to stop at lettuce lake for an hour today and not too much activity yet for spring.  The ospreys are on the usual nest and many gators out basking in the sun.

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Jekyll Island, GA - March 13, 2016

What a nice last morning.  I had been wanting to walk driftwood beach at sunrise to take photos using a tripod since last September when I was here.  This trip I waited until today, and at first was a little disappointed by the light since it was so overcast.  However, once the rainbow appeared, I did not mind the overcast at all!  I tried HDR, but I think just the single images edited look even better, so that is what I am including.  I think these will be some of the best photos of the year!  I also usually do not add watermarks, but all of these images get released onto google, and someone might actually want to download these since it is a pretty well-known vacation spot!