Sunday, September 18, 2016

Birding Hernando - June 24 2016

First stop this afternoon was Bystre Lake, not too much there in the hot afternoon sun.  Next was the kingbird family at Lockhart Road.  This was the first time the baby was out, and although he is full-grown, he was still begging for food.  Last year the kingbirds here had two sets of babies.  The first at the end of June had two fledglings.  The second was end of August and had three.

 There were 5 red-tailed hawks between Powerline and lockhart road.  4 were together, a family, and this is one of the juveniles.
 At Lake Townsend, there were a couple swallow-tailed kites and this red-shouldered hawk up close at the boat ramp
Finally at the Brooksville water treatment plant, I finally saw the baby black-necked stilts, although they were quite a distance away (you can see one in the smaller photo).

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