Wednesday, August 17, 2016

John Chestnut - May 7, 2016

I thought this might be a hairy woodpecker, and sure enough some BirdID forum people online agreed; however, looking again I think it is just a downy at an interesting angle.  He wasn't different enough to be a hairy.  They can be tricky.  I thought this other woodpecker at Circle B was one too, but some people online at Birdbrain said no, and others at the BirdID forum said yes, so who knows!  Birding can still be quite challenging, even after so many years.

Here is a collage of some other birds at the park today
One of the most interesting things to watch was the baby pine warbler being fed by the adult.  I had never seen a baby pine warbler until today.
After the park, it was time to eat at nearby sweet tomatoes, where I photographed these sort-of-mallardish hybrids and also a white pigeon.

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