Friday, August 26, 2016

Clapper Rails, Bayport & Pine Island - June 3, 2016

Great day for birding today!  As I am driving out to Pine Island this morning, I see a baby clapper rail running down the middle of the road, a life bird for Florida, but I knew immediately what it was.

He ran to hide behind a cactus, and then, luckily I saw one adult cross to the same side of the street (although still a great distance away) I heard at least one more baby calling still on the other side of the road.  I quickly snapped a couple of photos and continued on to the park.

One more bird for June challenge, the short-billed dowitcher (laughing gull in background)
At bayport, I got some great shots of yet another clapper rail, this one much more colorful than the one on the road. Also found a ground dove (another good bird for June Challenge) and a box turtle (only the 4th one I have ever seen in Florida)!

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