Sunday, May 22, 2016

Birding at Silver Glen Springs, Lake George Trail - December 24, 2015

There were so many robins in the trees here, at times it was hard to hear anything else!  It was such a fun place for birding today though.  Had to keep an eye out for bears along the trail, and I was hoping to see one, but only found some bear droppings.  That is okay, I was scared to find one too!

 red-bellied woodpecker, pileated woodpecker, cedar waxwings

yellow-throated warbler (above), American robin (below)
hermit thrush (above), merlin (below)

horned grebe (rare inland and never reported on Lake George Before!!)

and a tree swallow
bald eagle
black vulture (hanging out at the picnic area)
yellow-bellied sapsuckers (with actual yellow bellies!)
 These endangered scrub jays were seen just outside the park down US40

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