Friday, April 29, 2016

Birding Merritt Island - November 22, 2015

Another great day at Merritt Island on Blackpoint Drive.  I saw 46 species on Blackpoint and listed here on Ebird. 

Many wintering migrant species including ducks, white pelicans, and more!  Pictured below are spoonbill, reddish egret, kingfisher, juvenile night heron, savannah sparrow, gadwall, white pelican, turkey vulture, caspian tern, osprey, bald eagle, woodstork, coot and cardinal.

Also saw a box turtle in the middle of the road--only my forth one for Florida!  Others were at Mead Garden (Orlando 2013), Fort DeSoto (St. Pete 2015), and HWY 54 (Pasco County2010?). I helped him to cross and then took a couple photos:)

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