Thursday, May 21, 2015

Gators at Gatorland - May 11, 2015

Ok, so in some ways it is difficult for me to go to Gatorland and know that these gators are being farmed and killed.  Gatorland is listed on the web as an alligator meat and hide supply company.  The reason I visit is probably a little bit selfish: to see the birds.  I also enjoy seeing the gators, but can't help wishing it could be more of a sanctuary, and less of a breeding facility and for-profit entertainment.  It could be a lot more than it is currently.  I do enjoy the animals here and would recommend this place to others, despite my own beliefs and values about animals. 

The gators are beginning to get quite territorial although breeding season is still far off.  Sometimes they raise up out of the water and slam back down again to keep others away.

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