Thursday, May 21, 2015

Birds at Circle B - March 22, 2015

There were actually two best birds of the day today.  The first was this sedge wren, which I don't know if I have ever seen before.  And the second was a sora, a species of rail which I have only seen a handful of times and at this park only.  I will do a separate post for the sora, since I got to watch him for quite a while, but here is the marsh wren along with many others:

sandhill crane (above) and savannah sparrow (below)
 a late-season blue-winged teal pair, female (above) and male (below)
 great blue heron nests, one big baby flew off shortly after the photo was taken (below)
I had forgotten how different the yellow-rumped warbler looks in breeding plumage!(above) and one without breeding plumage (below)
and finally a palm warbler and a barred owl!

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