Saturday, June 28, 2014

Gatorland - March 13, 2014

This place is famous in birding circles for the wild birds that nest here.  I have wanted to go for several years, and finally made it out!  What a way to get introduced to the place---I got to see a baby Great Egret hatch!  He already had one sibling that was probably born yesterday.  Other than that, this was a strange place.  I didn't like the people feeding hot dogs to the gators.  It would be fine with me if there were no wild birds there.  I saw birds feeding their day-old babies hot dogs in the nest.  I saw a vulture trying to get a hot dog from right next to a 12 foot gator's mouth while the gator snapped at him.  But worst, I saw people so angry at the wild birds for stealing their hot dogs away from the gators!  I did love the boardwalk through the cypress swamp (of course).

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