Saturday, June 28, 2014

Circle B Bar Reserve - March 15, 2014

So much to see here today.  I especially enjoyed watching the vultures.  They are always so curious, perhaps because of how social they are.  Sandhills are social and curious too.  Got some good shots in the morning light.

 red-winged blackbird 
 white pelican 
 northern cardinal
 black-bellied whistling ducks
pie-billed greebe
tree swallow
 double-crested cormorant
 glossy ibis and white ibis
bald eagle with two juveniles (above)
 white pelican, spoonbills, great egrets, little blue herons
                house wren                                                 red-bellied woodpecker

Palm Warbler Disease: I read about this on the birding blogs.  I was surprised to see it here.  It looks like the bird has been digging in the dirt, but really it is some sort of deformity of the bill.  

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