Friday, July 14, 2017

Hillborough River & Sargeant Park, Tampa - April 23, 2017

Got to see a few more birds at these two parks at the end of the day today.  The most unique find was a Cape May Warbler at Hillsborough River park.  Also got my target bird for the park today: a red-headed woodpecker, my first of the year.

Also pictured below is the downy woodpecker on the same tree as the red-headed, as well as an adult and juvenile red-shouldered hawk.  Notice how the adult has a rusty-colored chest, where as the juvenile is spotted.  They were flying together, so probably related.
Best photos of the Tampa parks were of this skipper butterfly on a thistle.
At Sargeant Park, there were a few heron species hanging out together, pictured below are adult and juvenile black-crowned night heron with a great blue heron and juvenile little blue heron.

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