Friday, May 19, 2017

Brooker Creek Preserve Area - March 7, 2017

Started at the Brooker Creek Horse Trail, which I found out in January, is apparently not for walkers.  However, you are able to wander around the field in front of the horse trail, and there were many good birds there.

The best was a total surprise--two Canada Geese flying by!  For Northerners, this would not be an interesting sighting, but in Florida I have only seen them twice before, and it was many years ago.  So that already made the day!

Also, a juvenile bald eagle flew by, and then saw two adults and one baby bald eagle at Brooker Creek Preserve.

Probably the best bird at Brooker Creek though was a Spoonbill, which I do see all the time, but never at Brooker Creek.

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