Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Redheads at Tierra Verde Pond - January 1, 2016

This was the most amazing spot for the first day of the year.  All the ducks were here and looking beautiful in the morning light.  Suddenly, they all started to take off, and that is when my camera failed.  This happened once before, also at the worst possible moment, during an endangered snail kite release last year.

Unfortunately, the aperture is stuck closed not letting in much light, and each time I take one photo, I have to turn the camera off and on again to even get that much. I am not sure this time if I will send it in for repair (it also needs a sensor cleaning) or if I will just get a new model.  For now, I will be using a combination of my broken camera, my old Sony dslr camera, and my mom's point and shoot camera (which luckily takes raw images). 

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