Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Birds at Ft DeSoto - November 6, 2014

Some nice surprises today.  This loggerhead shrike had a lizard for dinner.
The resident reddish egret puts on a show...
An osprey takes a bath and flies off...
Some unique shorebirds were out at the beach today:
caspian tern (above) and american oystercatcher (below)

A good comparison of sizes with semipalmated sandpiper vs dunlin (larger)
marbled godwit is in the back
Skimmer skimming and tiny least sandpiper below
These woodstorks were a bit out of place and definitely checking out what all of us photographers were doing there.  Maybe we looked out of place to them too.
At East beach turn around one nice surprise mixed in with the usual suspects in good light...
 piping plover!

black bellied plover (above) and sanderling (below)

great blue heron in evening light
dowitcher (above) and a nice looking dunlin (below)

royal terns can be pretty amusing!

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