Sunday, September 21, 2014

Crews Lake Park - September 21, 2014

Migration is underway!  Went out hoping to find some of the leftover "fallout" from the storms earlier this week, but most have probably moved on.  I did not find the Blackburnian warbler or Veery being reported across the state this week.  This was not a bad day for birding though actually, not as good for photography, so I made a collage.  One life bird today was the Northern Waterthrush.  Amazing I have not seen this bird until today, but I did once see the rarer Louisiana Waterthrush at Brooker Creek.  I also absolutely heard the CAW CAW of the American Crow.  I am counting this as another life bird, even though I did not go look for him to get a picture for some reason.  This bird can really only be distinguished from the very common fish crow by its sound.  Glad I am finally getting more of those!  The bird of the day was the white-eyed vireo.  They were all over the park with probably about 10 seen or heard.

Skipper Butterfly on Cesarweed
Sulphur Butterfly on Grapevine
 Trumpet Flower
 Northern Parula
Red-bellied Woodpecker
 Five-Lined Skink

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