Thursday, April 24, 2014

Hillsborough River Park - October 19, 2013

Found out at the gate that this back trail at Hillsborough River was the best for birds.  Usually I go to the river part, but this was the opposite side of the park.  Immediately heard, and then found, a house wren.  I don't remember ever seeing one out in the open before, although I have caught some glimpses at circle B after hearing the interesting call.  I spent a long time photographing this one and then found many more interesting subjects.  Also found a red-headed woodpecker, which I have only ever seen at the parking lot at my work in and Powerline Rd. in Dade City, never at a park.

house wren 
 viceroy butterfly
 dina yellow butterfly?
 skipper butterfly
tiger moth caterpillar

 palm warbler
 juvenile phoebe 
 pine warbler
 eastern bluebird
red-headed woodpecker

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