Thursday, October 17, 2013

Pelican Man Sanctuary, Sarasota - July 27, 2013

Went with my parents to Pelican Man Sanctuary in Sarasota (now called Save Our Seabirds) for the first time.  It is nice to know there is another place to bring injured birds now that Suncoast Seabird is not accepting them.  There was a desperate looking juvenile great blue heron with a leg band in the parking lot trying to get into the sanctuary.  Dad just picked him up and brought him back in!  The small bird here is a baby peacock.  I guess the two they have there had a baby unexpectedly.  Looks like a baby turkey to me.  They must be close relatives.

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  1. I love these three images. Birds stir a flurry of emotions in my day. The baby peacock has one observant eye. the owls seemed to have their eyes closed, and in the last the birds feet are as steady as the eye he sees you with. Full of life. I am a fan.