Friday, July 12, 2013

Big Tree Park - May 31, 2013

Last park of the day today in Orlando.  This park I found by accident when looking for Spring Hammok Preserve (which I never did find).  I had read about what happened here in the paper last year, but I still didn't realize this was the place it happened until I got to Big Tree.  His name was "The Senator" and he had been over 3500 years old until someone burned him down accidentally last year.  His "sister" tree "Lady Liberty is still standing at a thousand.

The air was different there.  It was so sad to know that something so great had been there and was now gone because of tradgedy.  I have felt that once before...but I won't get into that here!

Also spotted a spotted damselfly on the way out.  It is a female ebony jewelwing damselfly.  I have never seen one before.  It was very beautiful and kept showing off her spots by opening and closing her wings.

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