Sunday, June 9, 2013

Circle B Bar Reserve - April 27, 2013

Another beautiful day at Circle B.  I really can't get enough of this place.  Saw a purple gallinule for the third time ever: once here and once at Paynes Prairie.   I also saw a tree of relaxing vultures hanging out with a woodstork.  Vultures are sooo underrated.  Also included in my photos are a black-necked stilt (this is the only place I've seen one this year and last), limpkin, glossy ibis, red-winged blackbird, and a bald eagle.

One of the best things though was the large group of white pelicans at the west end of Marsh Rabbit Run.  Last year there was only one here although earlier this year I did see a lot on the lake at the ohter end of the park.  They kept flying overhead to and from this spot too.  I love the formations they make.

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